All About Art

Buying art prints is a great way to lay your hands on interesting work at reasonable prices. While the ultimate prize would be to get the original art, these pieces are so expensive and hard to come by. Original art prints are even more appealing than originals by some contemporary artists. Browsing the beautiful art prints uk collections gives you more reasons why you should buy art for your home.

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Understanding Different Types of Art

So much goes on in the world of art that most collectors buy without actually understanding what they are buying. It is common to see buyers confusing original art with prints, editions, posters, or even wall art. To begin with, original art is hand-painted and there is only one of any kind. Owing to their rarity, original arts are so expensive that most galleries do not stock them.

Prints, on the other hand, are also originals in their respect. An artist may decide to paint his or her work or reproduce an original art in painting. This makes it possible to mass-produce a given edition although in most cases the editions are limited. It is important to note the smaller an edition, the more expensive it gets. Prints bear trace marks of their makers as well as the chosen printer hence giving them originality. Printmaking is an art that comes in different forms, including etching, silkscreen, woodcutting, and lithography.

Why Buying Art Prints is a Good Idea


As earlier said, art prints can be reproduced in a machine making them more readily available. As a result, art prints are affordable compared to original art. It does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to decorate your home.


There is only one item of a kind with original art. Even if an artist tried to reproduce their work, it would be impossible to create a replica of a model. The process also takes time, limiting the number of items that can be produced. With art prints, mass production makes the process faster hence a variety in the prints.


Original art is delicate and requires much of your time. Original art fades easily if kept in the wrong location and the brush strokes may tear out with time. Art prints are a viable alternative as they o not require as much attention.


Original art used to sell well due to the attention to detail given by the artists. Most of contemporary art does not show much detail and therefore not worth the millions. Buyer remorse is not uncommon especially once buyers realise what they paid so much for a fake.

Peace of Mind

Art prints provide an option for buying what you love, inspires you, or elicits wonderful memories. This is exactly what originals do, at a price, apart from a few other benefits. Prints provide all this without the worry of losing millions in a fake purchase or attracting burglars to your home.

Final Thoughts

Art prints are a good option to decorate your room and reconnect with your favourite artists. Besides, arts connect us in a unique way to the universe. Browse through art prints UK and reward yourself with the print of your choice.